12 Monkeys: Scene 2 (Cole, Dr Railly and the FFA)

This is what you do!

  • With your group watch the scene at least twice (bottom of this page). Then discuss the use(s) of the camera and find as many (correct) words for that as possible.
  • Make the storyboard for that scene (use the template). Make sure to add the camera movements.
  • Download the text file (what they say in the scene) from below
  • Divide the roles: actors, photographers, director, video editor
    • We have no cameras – use your smartphones
    • Be creative – use e.g. a swivel chair (kontorstol) to move the photographer as smoothly as possible. Another person than the photographer moves the chair (of course).
    • Also we have no programme for editing the shootings. Hopefully one of you has something. I hear Mac-computers are very good for this.
    • Don’t worry too much about the props (rekvisitter) and other material. We use what we have.
    • Director (instruktør): Be BOSSY! And also organise things cleverly!
    • Actors: Don’t worry – enjoy. But learn your lines! Use the text file and also the soundfile to work from.
  • And – CUT
  • The scene will be finished and ready to show Wednesday! (We won’t show it to the others, though).

What they say in the scene (the lines)

Listen the words below

And finally – watch the scene here


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